Visionary Spray Artist with a Spiritual Awakening

'ARTWORKS3, who showcase emerging and established local artists on its global gallery web portal - are exhibiting the works of multi-talented spray artist Rafael (Raf) which he prefers to be called over the next six weeks. 

The 45-year old Plymouth artist dubbed a modern day Rembrandt by his many fans, for his unique and original paintings, creates much of his works from a mobile arts studio.

The self-employed artist set up his own business 'Freedohm Creations' over 2.5 years ago, and all of his commissions are from word of mouth, and a network of people he has built up over the last 20-years across the South West region'.

Original Article By Kevin Kelway, (Dorcas Media):

Raf, said: "I'm self taught through many hours of practice, and use 6 colours with UV lights, and create my own distinct artwork on all my commissions".




"Music is also a big part of my life and being a DJ creating original psychedelic trance underground music with its many layered melodies and high tempo rifts - gave me a spiritual awakening about humanity and our planet".



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