AW3 Studio Exhibition 'Within and Without'

Artworks3 introduces 'Featured Artist - Mr Horsehead - 2017' and one of our first artists to exhibit in our studio premises.

'Within and Without' depicting elitism in art and how difficult it is for artists to get into the art world.

The exhibition has been organised by Mr Horse's Head at Artworks3 because his cohort at college have banned him from exhibiting alongside their own exhibition. The art installation consists of works of art of ordinary artists who have donated their work for the exhibition; their art work would not normally be observed for public viewing and it isn't considered contemporary or established art - therefore not viewed as mainstream - the exhibition held by Mr Horse's Head consists of twelve paintings which have been reviewed by a young person aged 17 years and 11 months, the review write up is from their own observations and perceptions of the donated paintings. The gallery space is covered in suspended barbed  wire that sets it as a juxtaposition of restricted and constrained artwork prohibited from public viewing, the paintings are faced backwards as part of that constraint and will never be seen. This exhibition is part of Mr Horse's Head third year assessment of his Fine Art degree.




Within and Without - Artist Statement

Within and Without is an installation art work consisting of twelve donated artists' paintings hung backwards to prohibit the public from viewing the art. 125 meters of barbed wire has been suspended throughout the gallery exhibition preventing the public from viewing the art work at all and each painting has a review conducted by a young person aged 17 years and 11 months with the pseudonym name Dot. The young person has written the review from their observations of the paintings, describing in their own words their perception of the artwork.

The work is inspired and appropriated by the concepts of the DADA art movement which was revolutionary in its response to the insanity and discontent within politics, global conflict reflecting a disgust at the way in which the social and cultural environment was reacting to the nonsensical nature of global human catastrophe and war (Reeves, 2016). The DADA group aimed to shock and deconstruct what they felt to be a claustrophobic art world.

The art installation identifies with the ideas of the DADA movement as a counter-hegemonic and highlights  the counter hegemony endemic in DADA's reaction to the established art world. DADA was protesting, whilst contemporary art has become established art - a 'mirror of itself'. This is still the case in modern day society and contemporary art world in the UK.