Artworks3 Artists Profile - Ashley Casey

Name: Ashley Casey  

Live: Marlborough, Kingsbridge

From: Plymouth  
Occupation: Freelance Model/Bar Staff   

Bio: I have experience with cat-walking, as well as working with teams and following direction well.

My portfolio consists of promoted hotels venues, wedding attire and I volunteer to local photographers in Devon and Cornwall as a male model.

I became 'Male Model of the Year 2016' with Natural Sparkle Magazine.

I'm competing in the Mr British Empire Beauty Pageant Finals 2017

- August, London. Sponsor being 'Bombshells Hair and Beauty Salon, Plymouth, Devon'

I have a story of losing my hair through a hair loss condition called 'Alopecia' for seven years, but it came back and has left little patches which are easily covered, however the impact of my hair loss brought me only anxiety and depression. So sharing my awareness of anxiety and depression through my art is very important to me. Through speech or creative representation.



Mobile: +447895364726

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

















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