Featured Artist - Mr Horsehead - 2017


'Mr Horsehead is probably Plymouth's most radical artist. The 45-Year-old is originally from Wales and spent 6 years in the Royal Navy. He's presently finishing off a Fine Art Course at Plymouth College. Fellow artists say his recent exhibition 'All Great Art is Horse Sh..' is not conceptual art at all. But he doesn't care. His controversial works is gaining support across the globe.'

'Mr Horsehead, added: "I like mashing art of the past and turning it into my own art form. My next exhibition will also be very controversial." More about Mr Horsehead will follow shortly...'

- Kevin Kelway (Dorcas Media)



Radical artist Mr Horses Head getting ready for his next exhibition in Plymouth.



Mr Horses Head, said: "There is no prisoners in art and I like generating emotional responses to my work."

'A spiral of horse poop climbing the spire of life'. Over 9 tons of horse manure was used in his recent exhibition at Plymouth College.

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