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Evening Herald on Artworks3 Launch 2017

Meet the mum and daughter making Plymouth a global centre for art!

By WILLIAM TELFORD, Business Editor, @WTelfordHerald

Here's a story straight from the horse's mouth – a mum and daughter have opened a new animation studio and art gallery in Plymouth and aim to make city artists world famous.


Lesley Robinson and her daughter Abi White have opened Artworks3 in the HQ business centre in Union Street (Plymouth Herald - 'New business bids to promote Plymouth's artistic talent').

The business will deliver masterclasses in art and animation and promote Plymouth painters, sculptors and other creatives via an in-house gallery and an international web portal. 

Read more at http://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/meet-the-mum-and-daughter-making-plymouth-a-global-centre-for-art/story-30261309-detail/story.html#F3tlEC8yu4DdPL52.99 


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Horsing Around: At Artworks 3 Launch






 OVER 50 invited guests attended the official launch of Artworks 3, featuring new online international exhibition galleries, and studio at the HQ Centre in Union Street, Plymouth – to showcase local artists on the global stage.

Mother and daughter team Lesley Robinson and Abigail White are behind the Artwork 3 initiative, and looking to promote city talent across the world on a new web portal, said Miss Robinson.

“We are really proud that so many artists from across Plymouth and the South West region attended our launch.”

“Artworks 3, already have a list of 20 artists booked to promote their works on our international web galleries that will change every six weeks to highlight a different artist, with a showcase of their works,” she said.

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Pre-launch teaser 'Mothers and daughters know best' - A Dorcas Media Report

WHEN it comes to family-owned businesses, fathers and sons have long been considered the classic entrepreneurial team.

But Plymouth over the last decade has seen an explosive growth of women-owned firms, and especially a new breed of entrepreneurs: mothers and daughters in business.

Mother and daughter team Lesley Robinson and Abigail White are launching Artworks 3.

A new animation and arts studio at Plymouth’s HQ building in Union Street, together with a new global online arts gallery portal – to attract artists from around the world, said Miss Robinson.

“We have actors, animators, photographers, musicians, and artists from all over the place coming to celebrate our launch on the 31 March, at 5:30pm.”

“Our studio and online galleries will be looking to expose local artists on the international scene, and we already have a list of 20 artists already booked to showcase online, and we are adamant our new start-up business is all about fun in business,” she said.

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Mr Horsehead T-shirts!

Mr Horsehead T-shirts and Lady Pants has originated from the work of concept artist Mr Horse Head. 

Mr Horse Head in a similar vein to the DADA art movement aims to shock and deconstruct what he feels to be a claustrophobic society and art world. To challenge modern day concepts of reality in an anarchic manner in attempts to cause a reaction. 

The concept of Mr Horse Head artwork on the T-shirt and Lady Pants was part of an Open Call for artists to exhibit at Artworks3 Launch in March 2017 and as part of Mr Horse Head final year creative practice and professional development.


Mr Horsehead T-Shirts and Lady Pants! 


 £25.00 T-Shirts


Mr Horse Head's purpose for the 'Open Call' was to show a voice of authenticity by deconstructing current history and the art establishment of 21st Century through the mockery of how Mr Horse Head appropriates other elitist art work for his own conceptual art. Mr Horse Head has taken the famous painting of Magritte, Tracey Emin's bed and a scene from The Godfather to conceptualise the Mr Horsehead logo. 

The concept of Mr Horsehead logo was designed by Mr Horse Head with the collaborative support of Mark 'Van' Pritchard of Lamplight Image Solutions. Printing was undertaken by Smart FX who used 'Direct to Garment' DTG printing technology on 100% cotton for quality imagery and long lasting wear.


All Rights Reserved ©.


£12.50 Lady Pants


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