Artworks3 Artists Profile - Sam Woolfe

  Name: Sam Woolfe
  Live: London, UK
  From: London
  Occupation: Freelance Writer

Bio: I'm a freelance writer interested in a wide range of topics. I currently write for the alternative news website The Canary on mental health, civil liberties, animal rights, drug policy and the environment.

In my spare time I enjoy drawing psychedelic, geometric and mandalic art. I would love to design tattoos for people.

My favourite artists include Alex Grey, Luigi Serafini, M.C. Escher, SalviaDroid and Ilene Meyer.




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Artworks3 Artists Profile - Matt Stansfield

Name: Matt Stansfield  
Live: Saltash  
From: Saltash  
Occupation: Photographer and Learning Support Practitioner  

Bio: I have 10 years of experience as a photographer and visual artist.

My areas of specialism include water based ocean photography, wedding photography, and astrophotography.

My work aims to capture memories, portray people wave riding in the ocean, and more recently to show the beauty of the night sky.





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  Name: Rich Palmer (Tattoo name: Rich Infamous)
  Live: Plymouth
  From: Newton Abbot
  Occupation: Tattoo Apprentice/ Freelance Illustrator/Drummer


  • I specialise in grim, dark and gloom. Heavily line based and black work style.
  • I'm working as an apprentice at Victory Tattoo Company Since April 2016.
  • I design T-shirts, posters, album covers for bands around the globe. Usually of the metal persuasion due to my dark style.
  • I've been drumming for bands for many years. Currently in a Balkan Ska/Circus Dub/ Reggae Folk band.
  • I want to travel the world with my tattooing in a few years and live a nomadic lifestyle.
  • I like cats more than most people. Will stop in the street to befriend one even if it means being late to my own wedding. 




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